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Most of my wardrobe consists of black pieces. And it’s often I get asked why do I love wearing black so much? Well, aside from black being one of my favorite colors, I have quite a few other reasons why I find black to be the perfect go-to color.

Today I decided to share a few of these reasons, along with a few outfit ideas including all-black outfits, or black-based outfits, which I would definitely recommend using as inspiration if you find yourself being interested in trying the black aesthetic of fashion.


  1. Goes with everything. Jeans, slacks, swimwear, you name it. Everything works in black.
  2. Travels well. Since it typically absorbs light, fewer wrinkles show.
  3. Stays clean longer. It’s a very stain resistant color, but if you do happen to spot it, some water will likely do the trick.
  4. Holds color well. Inside out, cold water only, line dry, please!
  5. Can be dressed up or dressed down. I have a dress I’ve worn both on the beach and to formal events, both occasions worked just fine.
  6. Can give the illusion of looking taller or slimmer, overall, it’s a quite flattering color. You’ll find that it won’t reflect onto your skin as reds usually do.
  7. Not a presumptuous color. It’s reserved and quiet.
  8. Timeless. Items that are black tend to transcend seasons more easily than it’s trendy counterparts.
  9. Neutral color – it puts the attention on you and not your clothing.
  10. Season-less. Doesn’t matter the season, this color is always IN.

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Do you have a certain favorite color when it comes to your everyday fashion? How often do you wear said color?

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  1. Black is one of my top favourite colours. It can never go wrong with black.
    I love your blog

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