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A good knowledge of healthy snack ideas is very much needed.

With this rather stressful time of our lives, not only are we at home a whole lot more, but many of us will turn to food as the cheapest and most immediate way we can relieve stress, even for a brief period.

In ideal circumstances, to avoid unwanted weight gain, we would exert self-control and avoid mindlessly munching on snacks that we may not even need. But now, if we are being a little more realistic, it is a whole lot easier for us to fall victim to this mindless munching I am talking about. And I can’t blame you. If anything, I did fall for this myself, when the quarantine first started.

But then I thought, “if I’m going to snack a little more than I usually would, then it would be best to know what the best snack options are”. So, I did my best to replace the unhealthy little snacks, with healthy, more filling ones.

And now, I’m here to share with you the ultimate list of low-calorie snacks to grab when you need something in your mouth — but know you would really be better off without the extra calories.

  1. Apples: A great on-the-go snack, apples help to fight hunger and are packed with nutrition. They are also a great way to quickly clean your teeth after a meal.
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  1. Strawberries: 1 cup of strawberries has nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C. Enjoy four medium strawberries for about 16 calories.
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  1. Papaya: Shred fresh papaya and add it to your salad for a little sweetness without the calories.
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  1. Pineapple: This sweet tropical fruit is a great zero-calorie snack. Toss it on the grill for a caramelized side dish at dinner.
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  1. Mangoes: Frozen mango cubes are a great way to cool off in the hot summer months.
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  1. Watermelon: Watermelon is another great fruit that quenches thirst and is guilt-free.
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  1. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are excellent at keeping you hydrated. They are comprised mainly of water and will help you feel full for longer periods of time.
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  1. Passionfruit: Passionfruit is a particularly good option when it comes to low calorie snacking as they offer just 10-15 calories in total per individual fruit, they take quite a long time to eat and the tart flavour helps to control the desire for sweet foods.
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  1. Fresh Tomatoes: Here in Europe, it is common to enjoy tomatoes as a snack. Slice it, put a little pepper and salt and you’re good to go. You could even add a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, or feta and still be able to enjoy this snack for just a few calories in total.
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  1. Popcorn: Popcorn, a nutritious wholegrain, is a superfood when it comes to low calorie snacking with just 30 calories per cup. This means that you could literally down several cups of popcorn, get the nutritional benefits of dietary fibre and a little protein for very few calories.
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