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Back in February, I made a post where I shared with you guys a few DARK ACADEMIA OUTFIT IDEAS, and back then I mentioned the fact that the Dark Academia aesthetic was super IN at that moment. Well, not much has changed ever since!

To this day, this aesthetic is super popular and relevant. But I can’t blame anyone. There’s something so timeless about the Oxford look; the more scholarly, less pretentious version of a classic prep look.

However, as we have seen so far, this is an aesthetic that can be put together quite easily in the colder weather and not so much in the warm weather, especially in the summer. Wool blazers, tweed pants, ad bulky knit sweaters are definitely NOT conducive to warm weather.

So, if you’re a Dark Academia lover I’m sure you may be thinking about how to keep your style consistent during the awaiting summer, and well, I got you!

During the summer, I personally think that Dark Academia tends to lean towards the cottagecore aesthetic. Very European, but has fewer frills than cottagecore pieces and is much more muted in color. Think dark, or neutral, colors instead of prints and pastels.

As we have seen before, classic Dark Academia is all about the scholarly vibe and this trait doesn’t just disappear when the weather warms up. Picture dressing for the library — shorts and a button-up top, classic. Or maybe reading under the shade of a tree in a loose linen dress. You get the picture.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between Dark Academia and Light Academia, and in the summer it gets pretty tough to separate these two because white linen is an absolute staple for both styles. This is why the usual Dark Academia style gets a lot lighter in the summer. But you can always incorporate darker, moody colors, too.

All this talk brings us to our next subject: how do you actually put Dark Academia outfits together in the summer?


First and foremost, you will want a lot of summer clothes in white, tan, beige, brown, grey, muted green, and the classic black.

Usually, people tend to lighten up their wardrobe in the summer. This is ultimately up to you. I personally tend to wear white and nude/brown, or black, combinations most often.

Any faded colors are good as well.

You will, however, want to stay away from pastel tones, as mentioned before, or anything too bright.

As for the textile, I happened to mention linen before. Linen is one of the friendliest fabrics when it comes to warm weather. However, if for whatever reason linen is not something you would go for, you can always go for other light, breathable fabrics: cotton, silk, chiffon, for example.

You won’t have as many layers as you do in the winter, but you can always find other ways to layer! Focus on accessorizing instead. Add a classic gold and brown belt, or a piece of gold jewelry.

Some of the best summer pieces for Dark Academia style:

  • A crisp white button-up
  • A loose, white button-up
  • Cotton trousers
  • Cotton paper-bag shorts
  • A flowy dress
  • A neutral, flower-print babydoll dress
  • A lightweight nude/brown blazer
  • An ultra-thin sweater vest (to be worn as a shirt)
  • Loafers

Another thing I would recommend is keeping your outfits messy. For example, if you’re wearing a white button-up shirt with trousers, tuck in half of the shirt and let the other side fall out. The summer version of Dark Academia is all about casual, messy vibes!

Last but not least, shoes tend to carry Dark Academia outfits in the summer. Throw on a pair of leather loafers and watch how your outfit changes! Vintage-looking flat leather sandals work as well, especially with a loose summer dress.

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