Are you, by any chance, looking for autumnal fall wallpaper backgrounds that will make you feel warm and fuzzy whenever you glance at your phone? Something that will get you excited for this fall and constantly remind you of that nice atmosphere? If so, I’ve got some amazing wallpaper ideas for you!

It’s that time of year again – the air is cooling down, the leaves are turning orange, and pumpkins are everywhere! It’s a bittersweet time for many of us because we’re leaving behind the warm summer months, but we’re also getting closer to the holiday season, and as of now, it’s completely acceptable to say no to social occasions and cozy up next to Netflix at home.

Most importantly, nature offers some stunning scenery this time of year. And that’s probably why you’re here – after all, this post is about fall wallpapers!

I’ve gone ahead and saved some of my absolute favorite fall wallpapers that are free to use on this post because hey – sharing is caring, right? Please feel free to download as many wallpapers as you want (trust me, I know it’s hard to choose!).

To save the wallpapers for your background, you will have to:

Desktop: right-click to save, save to your downloads, and airdrop to your phone or email them to yourself to save on your phone.

On mobile: Hold down on the picture and save the image or screenshot it.

I do NOT own these images! For proper credit or removal, contact me and I will make adjustments ASAP.

All the images are from Pinterest. I hope you guys like them! Please do let me know if you enjoyed them and if you end up using one of these! 

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