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Denim is one of the most versatile materials – used over time for its long-lasting resistance, now part of our wardrobe.

You must also have in your wardrobe even a pair of jeans with a classic cut and a matching shirt for the days you are running out of time and you lack the space for styling.

Add a large satin ribbon that you tie to the base of your neck in an enormous bow and a pair of black leather crutches.

Add a fur (fake!) over or a camel coat & you are ready to rock this work day!

Did you know that the first pair of jeans was first made in Genoa?

Or that the name denim is coming from the Frenchword Nîmes?

If you thought about adopting a denim look these days, but you’re missing ideas, I’m here to help.

I’ve prepared a gallery of 30 inspirational pictures when it comes to wearing denim.

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