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That’s right. On the evening of 5 April I finally got the COVID-19 vaccine

I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I should make this post, especially given the news related to AstraZeneca as of right now, however after giving it a bit of thought, I realized that even though this is not what I would normally post, there may be people who are interested in this subject.


What made me take the final decision was the fact that I am a nursing student. In a few weeks I will have my clinical rounds which means that in order to be able to participate, I would either have to get vaccinated or get tested each week.

Of course I preferred the easy way out, which meant getting vaccinated.

Side note though, I was never opposed to the idea of getting the vaccine. I did have in mind to eventually get vaccinated, but I had no dates in my mind. It was a matter of time, actually.

Before we go on with the story, I’d like to also mention the fact that growing up, I was what you would consider a ‘sick’ child. I spent most of my childhood in the hospital due to my sensitive and weak immune system. Even to this day, my immune system is not at its best, however, it is doing MUCH better now.


Everything was fine. The triage was quick, the nurses were lovely. I was there for a bit over 20 minutes, most of it though was after getting the vaccine, to ensure there were no immediate side effects or allergies.

COVID-19 vaccine and side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine

The slightest bit of pain was present when the vaccine was getting injected which is normal to any vaccine, not something you should worry about. Think about a mosquito bite, that’s how it felt.

And that was it. Got vaccinated, went home, enjoyed a nice dinner, checked my emails then went to bed.


Before starting with the story regarding the side effects I’ve had, I would like to say that after getting home, I noticed the spot where I got the shot was in pain. The pain lasted to this day, and I do think it will be around for at least a few more days.

If you didn’t get vaccinated before, or have no information about the side effects you’re going to experience post-vaccine, then I advise you to inform yourself on this matter. Usually, this kind of pain is normal, something you shouldn’t worry about too much. Unless there are complications or side effects that appear later on, the pain should disappear on its own.


When I was preparing to go to bed I noticed the fact that my muscles were pretty much in pain. Meaning that I found it quite challenging to go drink a cup of water, and go to the bathroom to do my night routine.

I also was drinking much more water than usual and found myself getting thirsty much faster than normal. Of course, given this, I wasn’t too surprised when the temperature started rising. The highest was at 38,9°C.

When the temperature was at its highest, that’s when the chills came along. At this point, I had my winter pajamas on + 3 blankets on top of me.

Even though I felt weak and tired, no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t seem to fall asleep. 

Hours later, I managed to sleep from 6 A.M. to 10 A.M.


After waking up I still had a temperature that would come and go. I still felt extremely tired, fatigued. I also still had muscle pain.

However, nothing major like the night before. On top of that, I actually managed to get some proper sleep in the afternoon.

Also, it is important to mention that even though there was nothing as bad as the other night, I had no appetite whatsoever. I had a nice bowl of chicken soup and banana throughout the whole day.


Today I felt so much better, almost as good as new. I managed to get out of bed, enjoy the day, and even write this post for you guys. My appetite is back, not fully, but we’re getting there.

The muscle pain is still there, but it feels more like a soreness. However, it allows me to go on with my day without cringing every time I take a step.

As I mentioned before the place where I got the shot, is still in pain, a bit swollen and it has a bit of redness to it as well, which I’m sure will last at least a few more days.

Overall, the side effects I had were pretty much the same as the Covid symptoms I’ve had back in December last year. The only thing that was different was the fact that the Covid symptoms lasted much longer.


Talk to your doctor about taking over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, or antihistamines, for any pain and discomfort you may experience after getting vaccinated.

To go through the whole mess that was the night of 5 April, and early morning of 6 April, I did need some medicine. Something that has always worked for me, and never disappointed, was paracetamol and ibuprofen, and once again, they proved themselves.

You can take these medications to relieve post-vaccination side effects if you have no other medical reasons that prevent you from taking these medications normally.


This, pretty much, sums everything I’ve been going through these days since getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I did speak to my colleagues and everyone who has got vaccinated went through these side effects, the only thing that was different from one to another was how long the vaccine side effects lasted. Also, some of them experienced nausea, so look out for that as well in case you’re planning on getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Do I regret getting the Covid-19 vaccine? Not at all. I can’t wait to get the second shot as well to be able to visit my family and friends without worrying too much about possibly passing the virus to more vulnerable categories.

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you get vaccinated or not.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems similar to what other people I know have gone through. Others have been just fine. Where I am, my wife and I are a long way off from getting the vaccine. However, we live where they have controlled the impact of COVID quite well, and have been lucky so far too. What is clear to me though, is that I will probably need to allow three days for the side effects 😊

  2. Wow, thanks so much for sharing! We have been trying to make an appointment, but even though they show available spots online, when you click on them they say they’re unavailable. A bit frustrating, but we’ll keep trying.

    Anyway, thanks again! I didn’t know these could be the side effects. Interesting, though the muscle pain kind of scares me.

    1. Totally get that.. I’ve been trying to make an appointment for 2 months before finally getting in.
      Hearing the stories my colleagues had after getting vaccinated, quite honestly, the muscle pain scared me as well, however it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be.

  3. De meeste mensen zijn er toch twee dagen goed ziek van.
    Je hebt hier een goede tekst neergezet waar mensen zeker hun aandacht op zouden moeten richten.

    Aum Shanthi

  4. I have also received the first shot. Though my friends and relatives had complained about fever and body ache, I had some pain initially on the spot of injection, and then body ache for one day, but no fever. I think side effects vary from person to person, but vaccine is safe.

    1. Yeah, definitely! It is absolutely normal for side effects to vary from person to person based on/for different reasons. Just like anything else, if we’re being completely honest.

  5. We are all different so it’s hard to say which (if not all) of the symptoms you had would be ones we would get 🙂 Congrats on getting your shot!

    1. Absolutely. Generally speaking, people are meant to react in different ways to different factors, and medicine is certainly not an exception.
      Thank you! Wishing you the best 🙂

  6. I am so glad that you are feeling ok now, taking the vaccine is important and you did a great job by sharing your experience which will create awareness among your followers ❤❤❤

  7. I got the Pfizer. Shot one—sore muscles at the site of the injection, especially the next day. Shot two—no problems. Happy to have it behind me. You’re on your way.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I have heard a lot of people complain about the side effects, but the thing most keep forgetting is that the vaccine is composed of parts of the actual Covid-19 virus, so it’s expected to get some Covid-like symptoms. Glad you’ve been vaccinated and are feeling good again!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the vaccine. Though our country and my company will be using a different brand for the vaccine, I am still really having second thoughts if my body could fight through the side effects of the vaccine since I also have a weak immune system when I was a child. But really, thank you for pointing out the side effects that I could look out for when I get vaccinated already.

  10. Thank you for sharing your experiences about your first shot of AstraZeneca vaccine.Friends of mine had similar side effects reactions.They are now waiting for the second shot.
    Stay safe
    Happy end of the week

  11. Bravo on an honest post about vaccination. I had some reaction to the first Pfizer but none to the second. Just delighted to be vaccinated and can’t understand why people are reluctant.

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. A lot of people, myself included, are hesitant about getting the AstraZeneca vaccine not such much because of the blood clots.

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