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Lately, I have been having quite an obsession when it comes to jewelry. The fact that you are currently here, tells me you are in the same situation! 

From the shell and lucite materials that dominated the spring and summer atmosphere, to the thick chains and tortoiseshell patterns for fall and winter, there are plenty of jewelry trends to jump on.

Whether you’d like to experiment and are leaning towards something bold or you may like to keep it classy with delicate, gold pieces, I made sure to find something for each of you to get you inspired! 

After all, we made it through the trash fire year that was 2020, so we surely deserve to treat ourselves to something pretty! 

This is why I thought it would be best for me to make a post about this. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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When it comes to designer jewelry, they are definitely a statement piece if you’re going with a simple outfit. Choose some big Chanel earrings, a Gucci necklace, or Cartier bracelets for that fancy high end look.


It’s been very trendy and popular wearing more rings together, coin rings, pearls & diamonds, fine gold rings. And surprisingly, it looks extremely good!


These designs inspired by nature are lovely and versatile, they can be worn for work, prom, birthday parties, and the list goes on. They just blend with every outfit you can think of.


So simple, yet so eye-catching and pretty, we’ve been seeing pearls in barrettes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and even bags.


In my opinion, they never go out of style, they are very classy and necessary in every woman’s jewelry collection. They are very suitable for a high class celebration, or one simple bracelet/ring for everyday wear.


This says and shows a lot about your personality, your taste in colors, and layering preferences. Go maximalist if you want to be bold, unique, and look stunning all at the same time!


Still a trend since 2020, big chains are such an upgrade for your look, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or even a ring! You’ll never go wrong with an all black or white outfit and those gorgeous pieces.


These are simple, light, and versatile. You could wear just one, two or layer your choker with other necklaces to spice up your look.


Here comes the fun! Gold, diamonds, crystals, pearls… Chokers have never looked so fabulous!


Now… If you are going for a fine chic look, choose Pearls! They never go out of style, they are a staple in every lady’s jewelry collection. Pearls can always be trusted. They are fit for both day and night, so you just have to choose the right ones.

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