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Get ready to break out those hoodies, folks — because the city is on the brink of sweater weather.

Meteorologists expect the mercury to dip down for good in the coming days, thanks to a massive cold front that ushered in damaging winds and annoying bouts of rain. To kind of balance the bad weather forecast,  we might as well think about this season’s star, the sweater, which is the perfect choice for cold fall and winter days. It is great for making stylish combinations and it will keep you warm and comfortable try the day. Follow this article to make sure that you’ve got the main rules covered!


I do define the best sweaters as the ones that are knitted, chunky, and cozy. With those in mind, the one key thing about the styling game is to think about the texture. The texture of knitwear is soft which makes it a great piece to contrast with materials that are rougher. That includes denim, faux leather, and patent leather. Perhaps high waisted jeans with an oversized sweater, or a knitted sweater dress with patent leather pants?

Knitwear can come off as a bit clumsy too and is thereby favorable to match with more delicate pieces, as in lace or silk. A slip dress with a chunky cardigan is an interesting contrast for instance. Or a delicate lace blouse layered with a sweater, The thing to keep in mind is to match knitwear with other statement textures as the contrast is ever so fashionable! A simple way to create an effortlessly chic look without over-styling it.

Color Match

As sweaters come in any color imaginable, it’s difficult to give any specific color advice. However, if we shall think about what’s trending at the moment, there are some general colors to keep in mind. For instance, red is a popular shade that is fierce to match with anything grey and black. You can also challenge yourself by pairing it with a bright pink or why not a bold purple? A camel-colored sweater is nice to do with a flannel shirt or any other piece of print as it’s a nice balance of neutrality and statement. The pink sweaters have been popping up lately and are chic to match with a Klein blue, forest green, or why not some silver?

Balance the Volume

As told previously, the sweaters are at their best when they’re over-sized and chunky. This means though that there’s a lot of volumes to deal with. One way to deal with the volume is to layer the sweater with a shirt under, a shirt that adds some structure by the collar and sleeves. Another way is to balance with defined pants as in jeans or tights. You can also go for the bootcut style or the 70s to meet the volume with a counterpart. Layering it with a midi dress is also chic but go for the heels or neat shoes to not let the volume be too much of a statement.

More Outfit Ideas

Stay warm & awesome, everyone!

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