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Over the past few seasons, designers have offered up more and more reasons to ditch the antiquated notion that the best suits for women are only appropriate in corporate work environments. Sure, you can still pick up a traditional 9-to-5 jacket-and-trousers combination, but now you can also find options in pastels, playful patterns, and —for the warmest days— shorts and skirt sets.

Women suits are no longer just copies of men’s suits, but they are cut rather perfectly for a woman’s body. Whether cropped, over-sized, or sleeveless, a suit has all the charisma of a dress, coupled with the ability to mix with ruffled blouses or denim with ease.

 They say, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”. Well, I think this can as well go for the right suit. It will definitely give you the power to conquer the world, or at least feel like you can.

Personally, I don’t necessarily wear them to work, as I would feel far too overdressed for a coffee shop, but I find suits the perfect dress alternative when going to events. For example, I found they are particularly great for winter weddings.

Whether you prefer to wear them with just a bra underneath, a matching blazer, or maybe a V neck camisole to keep the clean V lines of the jacket, I have the perfect examples to show you for a bit of inspiration.

Ultimately, I think you should try different styles, different colors. See what works best for you, what brings out the best of you.

Last but definitely not least, ROCK IT!

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